Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday thoughts.

Extremely exhausted today..

Started the day at 7.30am, which is an awfully odd time for me since.. On a regular working day I cannot for the life of me get up that early.

Chilli Crab Pasta (which was rather meh), at my favourite hideout place, Hyde & Co. 

Except, I much prefer being there on a weekday. Weekend crowds & me = 🙅

In the middle of a random weekday, it can be quite a sanctuary.

Sometimes I wonder if my determination could be stronger. 

Exactly what are the excuses we give ourselves when we fall short of our goals. 
Do we make up too much excuses?

Sometimes I wonder if I intentionally set goals too high, so that I may achieve beyond what I thought I could. But when these "goals" don't realise, I end up asking myself, was I insufficient? 
Or was I impractical? 

It's a deadly cycle of pushing yourself, falling short, yet surpassing the last achievement.
I can't help but think to myself, had I been more determined, could I have done it?

Maybe, perhaps.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics

[Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette by Tarte Cosmetics]

There has been a lot of hype in the recent years for Tarte Cosmetics. Their price range is in-between drugstore and high end but the quality though.. 

First up the Tartelette in Bloom palette is, as of now, no stranger to the eyeshadow palettes world. Who here was sold by the package? Me.

I don't own that many palettes but in short, maybe it's the 'baked' aspect of it, but I finally understand when beauty gurus call their eyeshadows "soft". It is. Imagine clay. 

It blends ever so effortlessly, and the colours.. on point.

Charmer / Jetsetter / Rocker / Smokeshow
Flower Child / Smarty Pants / Firecracker / Activist
Funny Girl / Sweetheart / Rebel / Leader

[Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush by Tarte Cosmetics]
L to R: Dollface & Fearless

[Tarte To Go Travel Size Maracuja Oil by Tarte Cosmetics]
15ml / 0.5 oz

[Drench Lip Splash Lipstick by Tarte Cosmetics]
Hey Sailor

This is the thought that came to mind:

"Color payoff, ON POINT. Perfectly pigmented."

Even though I have to admit this is not my favourite formula for lip products, the colour, damn! Made up for it. Some occasions, you just need that unapologetic oomph of colour, and with the Tarte Drench Lip Splash Lipstick, you got it.

Just put tons of lip balm on when doing your make up, once you're ready for some lip colour, dab off any excess balm and all problems solved. 

Definitely a thumbs up this one.

[Drench Lip Splash Lipstick by Tarte Cosmetics]
Cabana Boy

Every day pinkish mauve brown, do I like it? Absolutely!

[Drench Lip Splash Lipstick by Tarte Cosmetics]

This among the 3 is my favourite. The coral pink is so unique, it has fast become my top go to lip colour. Not too bright, but a statement colour nevertheless.

L to R: Hey Sailor / Cabana Boy / Bikini

T to B: Bikini / Cabana Boy / Hey Sailor

T to B: Leader / Rebel / Sweetheart / Funny Girl / Activist / Firecracker / Smarty Pants / Flower Child / Smokeshow / Rocker / Jetsetter / Charmer

L to R: Leader / Rebel / Sweetheart / Funny Girl / Activist / Firecracker / Smarty Pants / Flower Child / Smokeshow / Rocker / Jetsetter / Charmer

T to B: Dollface / Fearless

Cabana Boy


Hey Sailor

Till the next splurge.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016.

It's raining, and I'm cosy in bed..

Tonight's a quiet night, just me and my thoughts. My favourite cup of hot Dilmah Earl Grey Tea, and a bottle of Paris Baguette's Original Milk Pudding, Christmas carols on repeat..

Here's a recap:
Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015.
Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.


This year is a year filled with so much, yet like many other years flew by so quickly.

On the career front, I've had quite a couple of highlights, making this year more than satisfying at work. First would be the transfer of teams. With help from so many people I genuinely am grateful for, this year saw me progressing from a single product team to a multi product team, and into a team of my choice. I can't help but feel extremely lucky and blessed, but I also have to acknowledge the many conversations back and forth behind the scenes, and for the people who stood up for me and fought for me, Thank You is never gonna be enough.

The third quarter of this year saw my numbers hit the roof with July August September's averages coming out top in the entire department, both single and multi product teams combined. That was indeed insane, and until today the thought hasn't exactly settled. I can't quite wrap my head around it. I guess statuses and recognition aside, what made it meaningful was the difference it made from the first and second quarter of the year.

Well you see, this year also saw me hit all time low. It was a year filled with extreme fluctuations and many times I leave work, or the week, completely exhausted mentally. Consistency was a word far beyond my reach. Each month was either a ridiculous high or low. Drastic, unpredictable, emotionally draining. So when a good third quarter came around, it was more so a peace at heart, a feeling I haven't had in too long, that was more substantial than the monetary rewards or recognition.

To this I owe so much to that few people who has always walked with me during my time here. People who believed in me in good times and bad. People who went the extra mile and are more often than not on my side regardless. People who made me feel like it's worth staying for, worth fighting for. Again, Thank You can never be enough. But for what it's worth, I am who I am because of you guys. I've learnt the things that I can because of you guys. And what a difference my career would have been without you guys, this I am so sure. I am so blessed, I don't think I deserve all of this.

On my personal life though, this year hasn't been much. I've been who I'm happy being, alone, exploring the opportunities of friendships, work and life in general. Alone is not lonely. Alone is not depressing. Alone is not a bad thing. Some people might believe in relationships, but from the way I see it, before we can be any good in one, we need to first be awesome alone. I feel that alone is the best way to find yourself. To get to know yourself. To journey yourself to being a better person before going into a relationship and offering what you can on a plate. If alone you're not happy, or fulfilled, then you'll be nothing but a burden in a relationship. So this year, I am alone. And I'm loving it!


On the resolution aspect, I've failed so miserably! Then again, resolutions are never meant to be achieved! >.< * Self-denial *

One. Drink more water.
Two. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
Three. Get on an exercise regime.
Four. Stop binge drinking.
Five. Sleep more.

The focus this coming 2016 will be on my physical self.

Lets go Twenty Sixteen.

Bring it on.