Monday, May 25, 2015



My favourite pair/s of jeans at the moment are these comfy number from Topshop.

Super High Waisted Skinny

Flattering, stretchy, comfy.

Enough said.

[Joni Jeans by Topshop]
W25, L30 

It started when I got my first black Joni in 2014. I loved it so much I'm still wearing it today. It has turned grey, faded from all that washing. But I'm still wearing it cos it fits like a glove. I don't see it crumbling anything soon but I bought an identical black pair just in case. I can't live without it seriously.

And now, it's a staple.
It's an obsession. 

Monogram services are available at selected stores for a limited time only, if anyone's keen.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Usher's First Swim x Coastes

50 Siloso Beach Walk
(Beach Station)
Sentosa Island

Cranberry Blush
Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Raspberry, Lemon Wedge 

Linguine Seafood
Pan fried Crayfish, Tiger Prawns, and Clams with Spicy Anchovy Tomato sauce

Spaghetti Prawn Aglio Olio
Garlic Prawns sautéed with Garlic and White Wine, finished with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomatoes and Basil

This place fast became my favourite hangout day OR night. I love the chill vibe, but most importantly the food there's really FAST and delicious! When you're starving the last thing you would want is slow service. AND there's no need to wait for a seat cos most times I'm there, seat's always available. Prompt service is one thing, but the impressive thing is that the food always taste good! Especially for a beachside restaurant bar. AND they serve up some amazing cocktails (Think Pina Colada. DA BOMB), and beer. What else will you need, really. Highly recommend!

This is Usher's first day at the beach, and his first swim. 

Initially it was doubtful, a tad torturous. But when he got the hang of the idea of a massive pool of water, and his swim strokes, this boy was goooooing. 

The sun, the sand, the sea breeze.
Needless to say, he was completely out by the time we got home.

Looking forward to more swim sessions.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beauty Carousel

Beauty Carousel

Lashes as light as air,
Heavy eyelids no more!

Falsies are not new to me. In my previous job, I wear them every time I go to work. Hunting down a good pair can take quite a while and so far these are the things I look out for when considering them:

1. Lash Bone
The band that holds the individual strands of lashes. I'm not particularly fussy over this because as mentioned, I'm quite used to wearing lashes. I hate those that are extremely hard and inflexible, but anything ranging from average to extremely soft, or even those transparent options, are always a good choice. Occasionally I don't mind it being a little structured because that helps pushes onto the lids and viola, instant double eyelids!

2. Lashes
I like 3 types. Those that "grow" straight out, easily available. Those that crisscross but intersects near the middle leaving the ends fluttery, and not too heavy looking. And those that resembles little "U"s & "V"s at the lash bone, leaving the ends considerably straight (like the Girly Flare 06 ones from Miche Bloomin' Dream Lashes below!). Most of these are handmade, commonly sold in Taiwan. 
Material wise, I like them soft and natural looking, think real lashes. Not too glossy, nothing too plastic.

3. Price
I am not one to splurge on 100% mink lashes. I will go as far as paying for handmade, "real hair" falsies, or just ones that the number of re-use justifies the price.

So, I got to say, being completely new to the Miche Bloomin' Dream Lashes, I am a believer! (:

[Miche Bloomin' Dream Lashes - Girly Flare 06 by Miche Bloomin']

S o f t

Handmade from a highly resistant type of polyester instead of synthetic fiber, these dream lashes are as soft as real lashes. With a thread-like transparent lash bone, eye irritation is no longer an issue.

Definitely one of the softest lashes I've worn, and it looks crazy natural!

L i g h t

Carefully manufactured to be 20% lighter than the average falsies in the market, they are literally a breeze to put on! So lightweight you can wear them the entire day without realizing.

In fact, being someone who's used to wearing falsies, I cannot feel a thing with these lashes on. I can't quite believe how easy to wear and comfortable they are. One attempt and they're on! 

F i n e

Having problems with coarse and thick falsies that look unreal? These dream lashes mimic our lash hair so well with their ultra thin lash strands and tapered lash tip, even the texture is similar.

Fluttery lashes! I'm in love! <3

Besides the price, I think these lashes are an absolute investment. I'm not sure how many times they can be re-worn but I will whip them out for a glamorous evening dinner, definitely!

I am impressed.

Available at all Sasa outlets from April 2015, these lashes retails at SGD$19.90 for a set of 4 pairs.

Till the next!