Monday, October 6, 2014

Violet Oon's Kitchen

Violet Oon's Kitchen
881 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 279893

Lunch at a quaint little Nyonya hideaway one weekend with the folks and grandpa. Grabbed the pictures off my iPhone 6 (pardon the quality), I wanted to blog on my Dayre as with most of my iPhone pictures, but decided I loved the place too much I wanted to have an archive here instead. Yummy! ^^

Adored everything about the interior decor, from the littlest detail right down to the ambiance the place had.

Garam Assam Fish

Spanish Mackerel fillets in a spicy and sour gravy with pineapple slices and ladies fingers topped with sliced pink ginger flower. Served with Jasmine rice and atchara. 

One of my favourite dishes there, the Assam fish had a very orgasmic tanginess to it which made the whole dish so alive in your mouth. MUST TRY.

Beef Rendang

Tender beef shin braised in a melange of spices flavoured with kaffir and bay leaves in a creamy coconut milk. Served with Nasi Kuning (Indonesian yellow rice) and atchara. 

This has a sweeter undertone to the whole dish. The rice had a slightly sweet floral aftertaste to it which was nice, weird, nicely weird. It was a unique experience, but nevertheless appetising in it's own ways.

Eggplant Sambal

Wedges of fried eggplant topped with a spicy sour and hot sambal sauce.

Not too spicy, this is as the name suggests, Eggplant stir-fired in our all time favourite sambal sauce. A good cleanser for your palates in between the heavy mains.

Tauhu Goreng

Fried bean curd on a bed of julienne cucumber and bean sprouts in Vio's signature peanut sauce.

An old school dish perfected and brought up to date.

Kuay Beng Kah (Taipoca Cake) with Gula Melaka and Coconut Cream

A twist on the good old steamed Taipoca cake. Like a slice of cake, this warm gooey goodness is definitely a modern take on a traditional Nyonya dessert, but even better! How crazy & impossible is that! MUST MUST TRY.

Bubor Cha Cha Panna Cotta

Just when you think you've been blown away by the creativity of their menu, try this delectable sweet Bubor Cha Cha, with it's coconut cream made into a Panna Cotta consistency. Afraid? Fred not, the pudding base trashed most coconut cream sauce I've ever came across. PUTS THEM ALL TO SHAME.

My dad being the goofy father he is decided he'd like to give a retarded smile.

1st & 3rd gen love.


All in all, I never expected classic Nyonya cuisine to fuse with contemporary culinary techniques so immaculately. The ideas were not only ridiculously daring, but amazingly it worked extremely beautifully when executed.

I would definitely return to this lovely cafe again one day, despite a relatively steep bill at the end of the meal. But with all things ingenious, there will be a price to pay. This one made me a very willing customer indeed.

Till the next!


Sunday, September 14, 2014



#20 Beige

It's been an extremely long time since I last did a review on a product and I felt so compelled to do this one because I absolutely adore this little miracle in a bottle.

I'm a user of the VITALUMIÈRE AQUA and no matter how much that claimed to be "lightweight" it was never quite enough for me. You see, I've extremely reactive skin and it never seemed to like liquid foundations / BB Creams / CC Creams / Sunblock.. you get the gist. It deals decent with a light dust of compact foundation over as coverage but nothing heavier. Even so, after a whole day of wear it still throws it's tantrums through breakouts.

The VITALUMIÈRE AQUA was then reserved for occasions such as weddings, DNDs, shoots, dinners or events worth sacrificing my skin for. It was a guaranteed chaos the next day. I thought it was destined I stayed away from such products until I took a leap of faith (or insanity) and purchased the PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET. My life was changed since then. 101%.

First and foremost I hate the scent. Smells like I'm applying antibiotics on my face and even after 5 wears I still hate it, if not, I hate it even more! 

However once you get past that, you'll see that this foundation settles into a velvety matte finish. Perfect for oily-combination skin. Upon first application there isn't a huge difference from other foundations however once it dries off, you'd understand exactly the definition of "lightweight". Even though it is a breathable ultra-soft emulsion, the amount of coverage was very reasonable and would definitely suffice on its own. I tend to dust a thin layer of loose powder over just to set it ever so slightly, and to remove any excess moisture. 

Throughout the day this foundation did not appear cakey, stayed in place and did not slip or slide. Personally I will have to blot my T-zone either with powder or tissue but if you do not have as oily a skin as mine I do think it's going to be perfectly fine. 

All in all it is of a more fluid consistency than the VITALUMIÈRE AQUA and it suits oily skin beautifully. The finish is a dream, and it has a long lasting wear. Currently one of the few make up products I swear by even though it's new in my beauty cabinet. The one and only liquid foundation (or non-powder foundation) that has worked for me so far and one that'll last in my list of holy grails. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tioman, Malaysia (26 July 2014 - 27 July 2014).

Under the sea

It's a whole new world

The 2 songs that kept playing in my head on repeat. Those who know me know I've a ridiculous fear of fishes. Today is the second night of our stay in Tioman, I'm sitting here in the lobby, alive, and pleased. 

We've completed 3 dives, 2 of which were skills related, and the last was a leisure dive. 

I recalled the first dip, feeling extremely uncertain, not knowing what to expect under the surface of the water. Knowing that there's schools of fishes passing by us made me freaked out. However as the dives go by, and as I got distracted with the skills we were needed to perform (& the natural instinctive fear of drowning), the anxiety wore itself out. 

Finally, I kind of got used to them swimming all around, although I must say I still DO NOT wish to touch any of them. 

Today I've conquered my fear, for that I'm pleased. But it also felt like..

I've always enjoyed visiting new places, exploring the ends of the earth no matter the danger. Roamed the land, soared the sky. After 3 years, there was only one other land purely left untouched. The seabed. 

Roaming the bottom of the sea, though only 8m (up to 18m for open water dives), there were moments where I felt extremely accomplished. I can now say I've been to the ends of the earth, dramatically.


By the time this blogpost is up, I'm back in the comfort of my own home. I now leave you with the pictures that holds those dear memories. (:

Island Reef Resort

Day 1

Preparing for our first ever dive.

Jia Shi


Happy girls!


& Tons of camwhoring! ^^

Girl time! :D

Handy dandy GoPro!

Under the sea

(& I)

Loving the sea breeze & golden sunset, I wished time could stand still.

So Rachael said: "Let me try! Splash cold water on your armpits!"
Don't ask me what inspired her -.- , but nevertheless.. haha

It was a lot of fun chilling on the roof of the boat, and it was filled with tons of genuine laughter. It has definitely been a while.

& The camwhoring never ends.

Day 2

Bread stuffing for fish feeding later!

Floating dive master.

(Debbie & I)
& In case you haven't already figured it out, Debbie's my dive buddy!


Feeding time! OH GAWD.

This looks like dinner, honestly.

& The camwhoring goes on.

So, without me knowing, our dive instructor stuffed the bottle of bread in my gear. Imagine the surprise when he reached for me and whipped it out for the feeding time! :O

I also brought an egg along for our last dive. Basically, we cracked an egg underwater. It was so much fun and the yolk was like a ping pong ball! 

To think of it, I almost could have made breakfast underwater with all those food! :|

Spot the yolk! Haha!

Sea urchins! Always looking out for those deadly spikes! :O


Final journey back home.


Day 2 of diving, dive number 4 & 5. 

Heading back on the little rocking ferry while I'm typing this. Gonna be the last time sun tanning on the roof of a boat in a long long time. Salt water hair, sea breeze in my tangles, shades, and sun kissed skin. What life should be. 

The vast ocean, as cliches as may sound, meets the sky at the horizon on my right. The mountain peaks kiss the white fluffy clouds on my left. Forward!

The girlfriends deeply engaged in the stories the American dude has to share, his numerous travels and impressive sights. "14 foot hammerhead shark", I overheard. 

I enjoyed the last dive the most. Leisure diving, hovering above the bed of corals that stretched across the entire seabed, or as far as my vision allowed. Though the water was not as clear as those in magazines or 5 star dive locations, it was amazing for a start. 

Something about being free in the sea caught my heart. I always wondered what flying in the sky would feel like, and I'm pretty sure this comes close in comparison. You go wherever you want. Free. Suspended in mid water. 

The last few minutes before ascending, I kicked off in a spin floated upright body fully stretched, and soaked in the last few immensely pleasurable moments of not having my feet touch the ground. 

I truly enjoyed diving. Much much more than I ever thought I would. Although fishes are still not quite my thing, looking at them in their habitat was a worthy experience on it's own.  Swimming beside them somehow seemed, fine now. 

We will be back for our advanced classes, till then! 

I'm at the jetty! 


More miscellaneous pictures!

Crazy hair!