Sunday, June 26, 2016



Stepped onto the weighing scale, I gained 3kg in the last month. :O

Was at the supermarket later that day, felt compelled to purchase that tub of Greek yoghurt. Drizzled with honey, that's the way I like it, brings me back to Santorini. 

Although, I don't know how that's going to help cos knowing me I'll still indulge in my favourite cravings, I'm uncontrollable like that.

It's a rainy Sunday, lets talk about my time in bed.

Lets talk about that cutie little pair of Cheekies I'M IN sent my way.

"I’M IN was founded with a mission to inspire women all around the world with fun & cute intimate wear.

Every intimate wear is tagged with an inspirational quote on its care label.

I'M IN is women's most intimate secret little power motivator!"

[Mr Twinkle Toes Hiphugger Cheeky by I'M IN]
Size S

Apart from food, my one other weakness (among many others), is intimate wears. 
I'd never want to be a boy, ever. 

A classic black set always make me feel sleek and timeless, you can never go wrong with blacks. Feeling fun and flirty, throw on a lacy pair, feminine, and romantic. Never wanna grow up, I love me some cutesy sporty cuts, pastel or brightly painted, tagged with cheeky little punchlines, never fail to perk my day up!

Like perfumes, intimate wear says a lot about a person, and their mood. 
Personally my picks set the tone for the day ahead.

A girl can always use a little fun.

Thank you I'M IN xx! :)


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Five Nines

Five Nines
29 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089136

Friday night.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

My favourite that evening.

999.99 Signature Lobster Gratin

A whole Boston Lobster in Béchamel sauce and baked in shell


Tenderloin of beef with pan fried foie gras and sliced truffle, potato puree and sautéed spinach


Shung & I find joy in the occasional splurge on three things:

1. Good food
2. Good wine
3. Good ambience

We love to hunt down the next gastronomical experience. It's an undeniable pleasure. It's what connects us. It's the willingness to make stupid decisions (3-bottles-of-red-wine-&-1-tower-of-draft-Heineken stupid) that makes our dates so spontaneous and reckless. It's a liberating feeling after a gruelling week at work. This love, defines us.

Five Nines is a little understated restaurant tucked away along Keong Saik Road. At least on the outside. As you wander deeper in, you'll find a cosy little gem, I really fell in love with it's open kitchen / counter seat concept. Although that night we had a corner table, I must say, seeing those charmingly serious & dedicated chefs at work was mesmerising.

As dinner hour approached, crowd started pouring in. The aroma in the air (especially that smoked wood trail that left me wanting more), and the chatters and laughters that livened the room, introduced a captivating warmth to the space.

All in all, definitely somewhere I will return to. A place to recommend. Couple of glasses of red over a riveting conversation.. TGIF.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday thoughts.

Extremely exhausted today..

Started the day at 7.30am, which is an awfully odd time for me since.. On a regular working day I cannot for the life of me get up that early.

Chilli Crab Pasta (which was rather meh), at my favourite hideout place, Hyde & Co. 

Except, I much prefer being there on a weekday. Weekend crowds & me = 🙅

In the middle of a random weekday, it can be quite a sanctuary.

Sometimes I wonder if my determination could be stronger. 

Exactly what are the excuses we give ourselves when we fall short of our goals. 
Do we make up too much excuses?

Sometimes I wonder if I intentionally set goals too high, so that I may achieve beyond what I thought I could. But when these "goals" don't realise, I end up asking myself, was I insufficient? 
Or was I impractical? 

It's a deadly cycle of pushing yourself, falling short, yet surpassing the last achievement.
I can't help but think to myself, had I been more determined, could I have done it?

Maybe, perhaps.