Sunday, July 26, 2015

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier

[Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier]

I've heard a gazillion good things on YouTube about this one product. So many people swear by this I had to give it a try. 

I've never really gotten the idea of what a setting powder is for since I've never been much of a liquid foundation / BB cream / CC cream / tinted moisturiser etc kind of person. I prefer compact / loose powders due to the oilier nature of my skin, so setting powder to me was simply powder on powder and it was never really necessary.

But I got curious.

So, my first time ever using a setting / loose powder was years ago when I gave bareMinerals (Mineral Veil) a go. I was keen to find out how mineral make up could help my skin and the Mineral Veil came along with the starter kit. Without going into a long never ending story, the mineral foundation is something I still use on and off today, and the mineral veil always felt like a nice addition to the make up routine. Pleasant to have, not compulsory. 

Years later I decided to purchase the Revlon Loose Powder as there is a hype on how loose powders / setting powders are good to set your make up. I was curious but I wasn't sure if it was a step I wanted to incorporate in my routine, although the idea of keeping my face matte was rather appealing. So I went ahead to seek out a drugstore option just to see if it would stay long enough to invest in a higher end product. 

I think I finished using 1-2 tubs of that before I finally decided okay, I'm going to give in and try something that was slightly higher in price point, but people really raved about. 

Lo and behold I absolutely loved the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder and I think it's worth all that hype going around. Personally I love it because it is so finely milled it fills in the pores and blurs them out leaving the skin looking smooth. Also, it does a good enough job controlling the oil, but what I adore about it is no matter how tired I am at the end of a long day, dab off the excess oil and powder my face with this miracle powder and I completely look fresh again. The look when you first stepped out of the house, skin looking great and all. That, I truly enjoyed. So much so I'm on my second tub today, I'm addicted and I don't think this will be replaced any time soon at all. 

I also went ahead to purchase the pressed compact version (which I was tempted to initially) and I'm hoping it works just as fine so that I can have a more portable version to carry around in smaller handbags / clutches. 

[Pressed Setting Powder by Laura Mercier]

As far as first impression goes, the powder is lovely. Translucent. Comes with a sponge but I always have this reservation about sponge applicators in compact powders due to hygiene so I'm still trying that out. 

Enough said, the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder (Translucent) is something I will recommend to add on in any make up routine. It sets tone right for any make up day. Holy grail worthy!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bali, Indonesia (29 January 2015 - 01 February 2015).

Day 1. Arrival.


First time booking an accommodation via Airbnb and I must say I extremely loved the idea! Affordable mega huge villa, it's probably one of the most effective ways available to book for a group vacay. That, and I especially love that no 2 villas are identical!

Potato Head Beach Club

This is not anywhere new to me, and like before I highly recommend this place for drinks, a chill out night, and good food!

Can't say no to my Pina Colada!

Dang! Burger!

Day 2 started out with refuelling.

Good old local Nasi Goreng.

Our Airbnb host so hospitably helped us booked our white water rafting trip, so there's no link I can link here. But, it's easily available there so do keep a lookout and know which location / route you wish to take. Ours took approximately 2 hours, and I never knew rafting can take that long!

Although, time does fly when you're having fun. Rowing peacefully down the river while it rained on us, was probably one of the highlights of this trip!

Rachel, their instructor, and Jia Shi.

Darius, Noelle, me, and our instructor.

Happy monkey.


Dinner at Jimbaran, and I have the same to say since the last visit. Food here is terrible. It's not fresh, it's not cheap, and it still rained. So much for dining at the beach. Different restaurant (and I use this word loosely) but still a no-go.

Face meets food after 2 hours of rafting! Haha!

Sweet corn salty corn!

Pool dipping when its raining, swag. >_<

After a nice hot bath, it was supper at a near by restaurant and boy was the food so tantalisingly good and affordable!

Fast forward, Day 3.

Streets of Bali. <3

Cafe hopping and here's an irritable lady. Haha. Must be the heat! Sweltering heat!

First time trying Vietnamese Drip Coffee and it was jackpot on the caffeine button!

We also hunted down one of the more known Babi Guling.

But why am I not impressed.

Beach time!!!

Rock Bar

This place seriously is the bomb. If there is one place you have to visit in Bali, this is THE ONE

The view is orgasmic. The drinks send you on a mother nature high. The sweet dessert teases you from the inside.

AHHH. What will I give up to spend more time there. Deliciously savouring every sweet moment.

Trekking our way down..

Who doesn't love the sound of waves. The splashes of sea water. The smell of freedom.

Happy girls.

Dark chocolate cigar > sex. Lol.

Then comes the unexpected priceless jaw dropping breathtaking, sunset.

Blood orange painting the blue sky.

This sight, even to the best of our abilities, can never be fully captured on film.

Chill birds.

Then, we spotted a pool. Just saying, we weren't prepared for any forms of swimming but #YOLO! ^^

Noelle Shung Soon You.

And lastly, yummy for our tummy! :D

Day 4. Departure.

One last cafe hopping attempt, replenishing our fuel tanks.

One final trip to a beach.

One souvenir for our boss.

One last picture of the airport.

One last picture from the airplane.

Where will our next trip be?


Watching the clouds go by, the island disappearing into the horizon. This marks the end of yet another awesome trip. 

A short 4D3N, but a break we desperately needed. Despite the trouble we're about to get ourselves into when we arrive in the not so welcoming arms of reality, there isn't much room for regret. There would be no better company, there could be no better time off. 

Sometimes, many times, we get so caught up with the responsibility of work. We forgot the world out there. Coming from someone who once soared the skies, there is so much to explore, and one should never neglect the many wonders of the world, the beauty of Mother Nature, the magnitude of life itself.

The sights you bear witness to with your own eyes, the emotions you feel when you're standing at the highest peak, the adrenaline rushes and the friendships between people from all walks of life. What would be your definition of life, if you haven't truly experience it. 

This trip I am reminded of how blessed I truly am. The problems we face back at home cannot possibly come close to the everyday struggles of the people here. The price of survival. The value of money. What we earn versus what a man here would, to keep his family alive. How we spend $10 bucks without blinking and yet it's so much more in their hands. How we play with the best of technology and how the kids here beg on the roads between the changing of traffic lights. It kinda made me wonder, if work can make or break my week, how about someone fighting to put bread on the table here?