Sunday, April 20, 2014

Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House

Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

I'm pretty sure I raved about this place more than once. My favorite congee house indeed. A simple plain congee yet so comforting and satisfying all at the same time.

These were so long back in the days where we had ample time to meet up and shop any time, sadly it's been too long since. :(

Plain Congee

A serving of Duck there is always a must!

Mixed Mushrooms, highly highly recommended!

To show just how much we love the place, these are pictures of another time we went! :O We used to visit there every time we're at ION!

Round 2!

A serving of my Aiai!

Must have Congee!

I forgot what this was honestly. But it should be something good, every thing there is good!

Stir Fried Long Beans

Some sort of a Pumpkin Soup I think.

Chilling over a dosage of caffeine before...........


Gawd I miss those days! :'(


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tiara x Catching up


How long has it been?

Must have been forever. Felt like forever, at least.

Life’s been pretty hectic of late. Gone were the days I wrack my brain to decide where to visit for brunch tomorrow, or what show to catch after the gazillion-th one I’m watching. My daily activities include, but are not limited to, trying to get the most urgent of my errands done. That in itself is a never-ending task. Bummer. 

I’m still updating my Dayre in the most inefficient, unprofessional way - #throwback.

I miss time alone.
I miss being free.
I miss brunches, and I miss my girls.
I miss coffees and cafes.
I miss books and I miss catching Vampire Diaries.
And Gossip Girl.
And Sex and the City.
And How I Met Your Mother.
And 90210.
And hopelessly unrealistic Taiwanese dramas.
I miss lying in bed till my back aches.
I miss it when my day is night, and my night is day.

But for now, a little bubble bath will have to do.

Here’s leaving this space with a touch of sugary gesture from the people at Tiara!

[Claire Jacket by Tiara]
Brown, Size S

"TIARA is committed in creating high quality and fashionable pieces for women who have a great sense of style. We differentiate ourselves by paying close attention to details, right down to choosing the right fabric for our designs."

My love for outerwear is no big secret. In a complimenting neutral brownish nude shade, this timelessly classic color is hard not to love. Versatile, yet sophisticated and chic, this throw-on tie-back cardigan / blazer jacket is a piece that’ll effortlessly find its way to the top of my wardrobe must-have list.
Really, what’s not to love?

Feeling pretty;

Be Different, With Tiara.

Thank you Bell for the love! (:


Sunday, March 2, 2014

OOTDs x Dayre x shopcarrmenntann

Just a little something something to update this space.

As usual, been microblogging in my Dayre account! :x

[Petite Marchelle Dress by Love Bonito]
Blue, Size XS

[Bag by Charles and Keith]

Popped by the LB office for the first time to self collect my CNY outfits! Yay!
I got a bottle of their oatmeal and raisin cookie and it was so yum in my opinion! Thank you LB! ^^

[Petite Parisse Neoprene Dress by Love Bonito]
Size XS

Chinese New Year Day 1!

My favorite dress this year! Everything about this dress I love! I can't bear to let this go but I'm not too sure if I'll be wearing it again just because it's such a statement piece!

Do pop by ShopCarrmennTann for some of my preloved items, or email me if anything else catches your eye! (:

Pardon my obsession!

[Norah Dress & Holton Heels by Love Bonito]
Blue, Size S & White, Size 37

Another great piece to own!

Chinese New Year Day 2!

[Taegan Dress by Love Bonito]
Red, Size XS

[Larysa Lace Dress by Love Bonito]
Pink, Size XS

A day out with my girlies! <3

[Calston Dress by Love Bonito]
Size XS

Yet another favorite this year! I love how comfy this dress is! The fabric is so soft and flowy and is perfect for weekends!

Pop of color to brighten up any Sunday!

[Peplum Top by Topshop]

[Shoes by Charles and Keith]

[Bag by Kissablebella]

Been waiting for so long for this bag and I'm glad to be able to wrap my hands around it after searching high and low! Yay! Adore this!!!

[Ellina Peterpan Top by The Closet Lover]
Pink, Size XS

[Covet Harlow Skirt by Love Bonito]
White, Size XS

Haven't felt so obligated to be demure after so long! It's quite a challenge! But yay to finally receiving the Harlow Skirt as well! Hurray! So many goodies this period! :D

[Bag by Charles and Keith]

Last but not least, another FAVORITE buy this season! HOT PINK bag from cnk! Yay Yay Yay! Looking at this bag makes me feel so overjoyed!!! Bimbotic, but extremely happy nonetheless! Love the space in it as well! So happy I stirred everyone else to buy too! We all have friendship bags now! Yay!

Been a little crazy with my shopping loots of late but who can resist a good season! Every one of those purchase I extremely love! Whoever said money can't buy happiness, forgot about retail therapy! :p Okay, I'm kidding. But there's nothing wrong with a little self pamper every now and then! ^^

Till the next!